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consists of irritating ingesta or overloading of the
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The conditions in New York are probably more favorable than
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Southport on November 30tli at the early age of 39. He
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vials holding about two drachms are to be filled having first poured
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of acute tonsillitis several cases of pleurisy and eeveral
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this affection with oilier diseases of the respira
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The diagnosis is not dillicult yet mistakes are fre uently made. Per
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constant added t3 that in which the flannels are thrown so
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of the University of Pennsylvania. By Richard C. Norris
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Soon after these events the Marshal de Montain sickened from
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have made tours of inspection exercised technical supervision have
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heavenly bodies it is a truth that at particular times the air is
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made hia first report of the method mider discussion. This
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without the bias that would have been ours if the section
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hand in a yellow fever ward to take its fill and inject into
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Stellwag s sign. There is diminished frequency and incom
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Judge Elliott. In this instance there can be no doubt of the mental
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tect the lives of employes of railways and steamships
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beneficent work. It is stated that the action of the St.
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and uuisical honours. Mr. Zachar Cope surgeon to the
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correct diagnosis made. Obstruction of some sort was
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insidious glaucoma or of optic atrophy. Moreover it is commonly
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when auricles and ventricles can be distinguished by their septa
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the forceps taking care not to injure the superimposed mucous
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acter of those whom it will reach shall be considered it
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sanious discharge from the meatus. In the less acute cases there is
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cases of persistent neurasthenia psychasthenia and allied con
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ular body can readily be seen to be just in front of the

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