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ably housed and fed. It was magnificent to see their

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complete at the end of six months. He counsels a longitudinal

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hereditary transmission of acquired peculiarities. Can an indi

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especially the difficulty found by competent observers in isolating

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early stages a serious matter for the delicate product of

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book this being a subject heretofore rather scantily dealt with.

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of the Various Factors to Be Considered in Their Treatment

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fall on the side powerless. Frogs according to Eober are affected

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treatment are of no avail and when the peritoneum and

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excellent results from the use of itrol Argontum citricum and

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case using the leather case worn by officers for their field glasses

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Of the drugs proposed nearly all have offered some prospect of suc

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with increasing experience. Thus many writers refer to their last

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I often wonder as to the true dietetic value of margarine

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ologie des weiblicheu Genital tractu s Leipzig 1897. I will

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the first to classify amusia into motor and sensory mu

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give the latter relief from a distress in the bowels to which

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fectious process which we call acute rheumatism and

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higher ratio than the others and would doubtless return to the same

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terday. Is fully conscious of everything going on around him. Aphasia

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and whooping cough. Present illness had first chill last April

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The percussion sound over the aneurismal sac is quite dull

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