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were capable of producing renal irritation. Thus in persons
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feature but only one of a group of deviations from the
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necessary for abdominal operations especially to men who are used to
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prominent in the process owing to self evident since leucocytes with
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which the principal organs are repeated. Familiar ex
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indications give a clue solely to the intensity of this associated pheno
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Putting patients into hospitals economized on the item of medical care
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examined the wound. The match went out amid a splutter of bullets
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and to imagiue the cellars filled with tlie back numbers
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is an old one and unfortunately for Jenner a greater yEsculapian
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trifling significance or may indicate the existence
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were the hmgs. The left heart was h gt pertrophied the rig t
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conclude that this affection is of much more frequent occurrence
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The Form. It is admitted that the blood of all vertebrate
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is worth a pound of cure the publishers confidently present this
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within normal limits of variations. Ankle clonus not seen. The
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cannot but rejoice that Mr..4cland has been induced to
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accumulation of a mucopurulent yellow or discolored dis
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fi Jjetanaphthol in I or I erammes dose. Its presence was demonstrable
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rough boards bearing evidence of the transfer of much mud from the
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to tuberculolsis the following experiments were performed.
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tliulogi HuiatMiuu.til curiosity und not of cUitica intefcal need b
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with powdered or spiced sugar. Let them stand after
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tion it will be evident to every unbiassed mind that we stand
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wise used in infusion in diseases of the bowels and hemorrhages and
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which under the able editorship of Mr. Malcolm Mor
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acid 29gni distilled water 200 Cc ammouia water and
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instruments enabling him to measure speeds with absolute accuracy
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growth only extended to the superficial layer of the dartos muscle.
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Microscopic Examination. The hardened tissues were fixed

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