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as in one case of ectopic gestation. It has also been

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structures. In these situations they become stranded and develop

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there has been eliminated the danger of cancer engrafted upon an

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of diseases. That Sag now lies trampled in the dust.

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left hand inserted through the dilated urethra and used as

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have shortened the course of the fever as I have been

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tality of Mr. Wright s excisions he contends amounts to only three per

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History. With the exception of mumps measles and chicken

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as negative. Parallel tests on the same specimen of urine

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of air or some narcotic influence on the brain the continu

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recently in America a discussion on the relation of oophorec

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first be dipped as a precautionary measure or they should at least

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Boston MBDICAL AUD SVnOJCAL JOVnnAL. Novembeb 1894.

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cases of tubercular osteomyelitis of the long bones on

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reveal themselves through their specific actions. Thus the dropped

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measurements both respectively and relatively on careful

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ments of recruits for the army. Its simplicity and accuracy strongly

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the history is of incontestable value. The age of the patient

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other phases of the situation that seem in need of further work. There

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Enquiry. As regards staff in the direct employ of the Ministry

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toes of one foot. I ligatured the uterine artery near the

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Here again the treatment based on a faulty diagnosis has

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