L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

The only retirement in the Medical Corps during 1915 will be that of

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cation of peroxide of hydrogen which he directs the paticnit to

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to places of interest in the neighbourhood of Southport

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dioufly exhibited in this form. No medictoey bowpver that

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remedies at the proper time the poor one he who in the presence

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The patient feeling that impressions escape him comes to the belief that he

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on the roads and cultivated portions of the island except in

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kind. Think of that time when the beautiful feminine character in the

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they not be as beneficial to the bowels as eating agar

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certain acaricidic action causes it to be often employed for the treat

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diseases peculiar to the locality serves somewhat as Professor

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Plane Glass. When light passes through a sheet of plane glass the

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not travel onwards into a still higher part of the cerebrum

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in the treatment the patient s condition appeared very precarious

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poeia. He received the honorary degree of Doctor of

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employe ga.stric disturbances delirixmi cardiac weakness albuminuria

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solid inflammatory foci which ultimately suppurated and pro

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in a normal individual Jotfroy. A feature of interest noted by Charcot

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not pass a larger quantity of urine even though they drink freely of

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remedy the defects existing in the home care of tuberculous patients.

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I prescribed mustard plasters to the chest friction with mustard to

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Case 7. Male aged 74 varicose ulcer of four years standing.

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ten preparations and in most quack aperient pills it is a leading

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of view that are new and striking especially for medical

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His description of the foetus and its viscera at various

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body called the thorax and their function is that of respi

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and formation beneath the intima of nodules of varying size

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slowly and to regain her appetite after the discharge

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