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oflFers special advantages for debate a knowledge of parliamentary pro
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of antipyrin menthol absolute alcohol and boric acid.
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unison with it but at other times mortal mind becomes antag
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old worn out quarter master while at sea complained on the 15th
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of coagulation of the blood may lead to a stronger thrombus
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extremity cease to grow and more or less deformity occurs. But here
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shown by their anesthetic power which is slow in onset
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plete ankylosis. He repeated the operation and heal
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number of specimens the estimation of the histological
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ing tissues e. g. the base of the bladder the vesiculae seminales surgical
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sponds to an Indo European weak vowel. Here belong the u found
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supramastoidal glands were considerably enlarged and pressure
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but who had gone over boots and breeches body and soul into
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chloride as the solvent for the oil in the determination of the iodine
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of the second order which go to the spongy tissue of the extremities
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to remain which is treated as under 1. If the ulcer does
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regulation of the lower bowel. When the bleeding has continued for
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smooth compressed pointed erect inclosed in the indurated tube of
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ful dose until the bowels are acted on or relief is
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forms an excellent diet for the sick in many cases. The British colleges
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crawling about on the surface of the viscera. From his description I
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right to take any steps as suggested by Sir James Barr
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unless like Procrustes we are also to stretch or retrench every
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attempts at operative treatment in the progressive form of myositis

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