L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

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He quite I ecoguized the difficulty in tracing the prescrip

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Herpetomonas Tropica Wright the Parasite of cutaneous

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nervous exhaustion induced by monotonous movements or

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Stridor is a peculiar harsh vibrating sound occurring with inspiration

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diphtheria like organisms in wounds was frequently noted. Twenty six cases

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form is known by a troublesome and harrassing cough great difS

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of its extent and intensity and the rapidity of its

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The company was organized Septendier 27 1903 with the following personnel

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like grounds it is that cold and phlegmatic bodies and as

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The richer sorts of food should be taken sparingly

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remedies was a part incantation was prophylaxis. From hepatoscopy the

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of grade A calcium hypochlorite in the proportion of 1 ounce of the

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and rooms. Applications in own handwriting to be accompanied with good

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tation and water supply which favor the development

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sistent clot under which wounds will readily heal Collodion 100 parts grs.

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tion and had died in the receiving room. In diagnosing plague he

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heat. The results obtained fully sustained the correctness

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twelve cases of this operation which had been reported

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Finally I wish only to mention that exposure to X Rays has

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they stain moderately deeply and are situated for the most part

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In addition to the publication of the annual report

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