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they improve the local tone of the alimentary canal prob
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reports a case of brain syphilis in which after the occur
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in the history of dentistry. The second edition of Fauchard s
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metabolism has already served to modify profoundly our
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of medical science in which this method is followed
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a beneficial result from any course of treatment. The
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dynes the patient s bowels are so confined as almost to create
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malaria not for any particular symptom or complication.
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for diphtheric stenosis. A preliminary hypodermic of atropin
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As the advances of physiology enlightened the mind as to the true nature
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with breathing. During the last year the tumor has grown
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cases of nephroptosis following severe injury. I grant that
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are too great. The variation for the difference in percentage of values which
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trouble. It caused grave discrepancies in the food supplied. On
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Dr. Wiggin very properly mentioned cases of patients who
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A very hot poultice acta as a counter irritant in con
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pink. They embodied the citizens first attempt to hold
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bad in her first confinement been delivered with difficulty and by forceps
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mentioned the tachycardia with the throbbing of the superficial
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attached is introduced into a wound a momentary contact
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rare in animals and there appear to be only two cases recorded both
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Mr. Chairman this concludes my summary of the report and I
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The obliterated vessels and gall ucta wUdi are aunouDiled by ludi
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pared with the resonant sound yielded by similar permission
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tion of accoHuts of the treatment of.Japanese schisto
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must apply to the nearest continental general field
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through the specimen this surface shows a fibrino purulent exudate. The
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had for centuries been the cause of much sickness and death in
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gency ration in General Orders No. 72 Division of the Philippines.series 1903 has
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can be introduced into the ai.ial anal and spr.ay the acid into
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out and have nothing to do but live on their income. One of
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modifications of the classical operation suggested by
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and diphtheria and often a membrane forms which renders the early
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cent solution may be employed equivaleut to 6 gra. of the
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including the islands is followed by pancreatic diabetes
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It causes the most important cattle disease in Uganda.
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patient You are fortunate my man. I lost several out of thir
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infection. After convalescence he returned to Cuba was ap
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the skin that primarily affects the hair follicles. Most
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Therewith syncope vomiting diarrhoea and anuria are pro
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The inner wall presents two weak points the one the round foramen
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removed as far as possible from within the capsule.
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ination of the stools for Amosba colt should be prac
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with grafts of pancreas and of thyroid. It appears moreover to
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or both. But during all this time the membranous exudation is spreading
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women for the details of the various modes of operating for these
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without a hobby. What better than to get the thermometer habit Why
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We have tried this method on several occasions but have
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bee rbat bomtt notbingat aU it totlooo toel tobentenne o
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from the city in many years. The air borne theory does not
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as to incise the vaginal fornix ho decided to deliver by cesarean
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resisting force on the other. The effect is similar to that of pressing
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upon the function of the stomach under pathological conditions
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tions and with all points of the etiquette which pertained
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quantity of iron which it contains is not often prescribed in the
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and indeed might be called by another name. Apart from downright fraud
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of Society and Medicine the professor of political science at Rut
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vieldins and allow of its distension and those in which
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As to strabismus the same truth is at last becoming manifest
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virulent spinal cords of animals dead from the disease to different
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most eon eniently inTOstigated. Its obvioas applioability in
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hours. He continued bis practice to within five days of his death.
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strongly advocated it while Dieckman and Krebs have warned against
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tooth has become firm again. Temperature between 90 and lOo.
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signed district. 2. Registration of all families claiming
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the same degree von Frey. Tactile and pressure sen
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or when the temperature exhibits a strong tendency to rise. 5.
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of colonies that develop in a Petri dish in forty eight
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especial directed to the red cell and haemoglobin estimations to the
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Randolph at the Garfield Hospital and later referred to the
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satisfied that the assistant whom he employs for this purpose has had
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to exert favorable influence upon the outcome of anaphylaxis

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