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Bass and Gage 7 reported fifteen cases out of 577 persons

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A detailed review of this text is uncalled for. We may ob

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the subcutaneous tissues ought never to be so free as to produce a

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i nt has developed a pleasure in certain regular rela

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the female sex they being affected in the proportion of 4 to 1

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improvement in the general condition. In six cases of

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end. The germ occurs in the spore form in earth putrifying

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to several weeks depending upon the virulency of the infec

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situated placenta as one of the most dangerous complications of

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dried residue resembles markedly dried egg albumin in its

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Klemperer details some experiments which he made in order to remove

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metic results obtained are to be ascribetl to the fact that the

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method used in inoculating the tube. Slight turbidity might

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trophy etc. may be deciding factors against manipulative procedures.

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speculation I hastily rann unto mine house and called out mine

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name and address of the printers were not printed. Id

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They may be regarded as a highly inflammable material

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A word of warning is not unnecessary. There is still a great

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Parts around seat of inflammation become swollen. Frequently

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a week beyond it. The degree of hairlessness is very varied.

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that the inflammatory process has extended from the uterus to the tubes.

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spaces precisely in the same way that a like result is

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plain the great diversity of its effects and its op

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most abundant in the excreta. Kotelmanni asserts he was successful in

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ment of deformities. It is situated at Radnor Park a colonial

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more or less rigidity and stiffness. The surface is usually cold and upon

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information as to what is going on in the shipping world

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