L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

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according to Prof. Georges Dreyer s instructions and found

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dignify private life. These are the problems which appeal to the present

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fetation. Schenck relates instances and Zacchias Yelchius and Sinibaldus

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The following is the list Anthrax Asiatic cholera diph

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we can say of anything. Sometimes albumin is present when there is no

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same amount of a specially prepared essence of cinnamon and half a

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Treatment of Malarial Fevers by Inunction of Creosote.

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An uncommon case of dermoid tumor of the fourth branchial

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Bretzi suggests the following method The wound is cleaned

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coccus pyogenes. Gordon moreover has failed to obtain the strepto

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large amount as some have imagined. When the organ is distended

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laminectomy is a rational procedure. Where perfect asepsis

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sisting of such mechanical means as bandagiug or of the

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perhaps even the most important of them. One of the most press

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injuries there seems to be a tendency to make injuries occur

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sions under the proper headings it is truly an Elixir of Life.

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without injuring him. It should be the rule of his life however

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Dr. Hoyt who was convicted of violations of the Har

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practitioners of the country use it and like it. A sugges

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of the scrotum fluctuation is more marked examination per rectum

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hospital to be closely linked to sanatoria in the country.

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amouut of lactic acid in it determined by the method

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leaps all the motions of nature and unto them to fit intelli

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performed. The medical officers at present at Newcastle in charge of

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sonal appreciation of the master work of this chieftain in the

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rj discoverer forms his hypothesis and tests it bv the truth if the

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come out every time you go to the closet you must gently

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pupil and it is said that the effect is more enduring. But apart

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illosis sometimes protects the monkey against the effect of a

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the extremities of the lumbar transverse processes can be readily felt

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tially identical with that of the present day without any superfluity

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advice for that would subject them to prosecution. And

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and more solid residue but in the later stages this is

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teressante Einblicke in die anatomiscben Verbaltnisse baben

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bal powers the precise nature of which it would require a large

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patient suffered seven years ago. Resulting from the old

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adenopathy ever can be determined by percussion in the upper interscapu

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A translation of Choulant s book has recently appeared

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showed a few purulent deposits. Intense inflammation of the kidneys was

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these two directions was made which may be exemplified by the

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chromatin in the form of fine grains collected within an unstained

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alveolar lining fibrinous thrombi and the occasional necrosis of the alveolar

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until the spore appears m a very refulgent point. The remainder of the

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The an.emic cases usually complain of loss of flesh

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them exceptional opportunities for the acquisition of culture.

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