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judicious quarantine restrictions are imposed on intercourse
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all such formal written recommendations to the Local
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germ infection so much dreaded in rams is avoided. Another method
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after injury. With such care a rupture will seldom be over
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necessary to enlarge the building by the addition of a
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corporal fubtill ftom thegroffe the not fixt from the
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audible at the angle of the left scapula. Second sound redupli
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Dr. Waterston then moved a proposition in favour of
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Clinical data. Severe mustard gas intoxication incurred October 2 1918.
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tackle of sufficient strength and 30 feet or more of rope. The block
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of total application the measurements made showed a
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odour and are often surrounded with lice. The cryptogainic parasitic
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the age of 15. She had the usual diseases of childhood
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reflex. Stroking the sole of the foot normally causes
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the treatment of certain affections where opium for one reason or
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rendered nearly inert. Pose of Black pepper from five to twenty grains
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savage peoples tabooed articles are primarily those conse
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pleted. But if the needle is not fine or not very sharp
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influences on the course and severity of the disease are hardly
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pberes of southern climates will do well with anti of Chicago ill.
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distinct varitios of bacteria. The pebrine disease which was
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the formation ol bed sores in protracted and putrescent fever.
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its frequency among lumbermen who have lived a hard life in the
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are of primary importance in the act of respiration.
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it has been shown that those manuscript copies most probably
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collection and disposal of the refuse and garbage of
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most part presents a clinical picture quite similar to
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much quieter night. On the following day she was very much

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