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of a well known brand of bottled beer and a small metal

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edly acts powerfully on the neurovascular system. Un

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advancing phthisis. The fever is high for the blood is constantly

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facts based on his own experience the therapeutic indica

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result of scleiosis of the cortex set up by some of

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This does not include those presenting merely a sinus arrhythmia

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valvular lesion is of rheumatic origin aortitis and obstructive changes in

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constipation is due to inaction of the rectum only. This may fre

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scarcely know how we do it ourselves and it is iniquitous

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not always develoi S. In tlie second way the pus is discharged without

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pass in front of the larynx and unite with the lower end

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plenty of room bet een the upper tier of stretchers and

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The autopsy on this case showed the organisms only in the

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Symptoms. In those casjs th.t came under my notice the symptorr

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with specific microchemical properties. It is folly to attempt to

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girl was very anemic. The child as you have observed

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go days without tasting food through fear of this. The abdomen is extremely

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that of photosynthesis and that in diffuse light relatively more

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in every direction. They sometimes have the head engaged in the

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valuable one if care be taken that the application is strictly localized.

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Tilley in 1919 had had secondary haemorrhage in only

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