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may occur will depend upon the character of the food.

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In the case reported by the writer in which degeneration was traced to

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Medical Education. The following certificate was sent

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as regards asthma we believe that something of this kind takes place.

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that it was probably the cause of the trouble. Since

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festations because the lesion consists essentially in a disseminated

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DOB simll centres of inftltnitjnn often oonlesce into voluminous masses

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cluded in the diet of the ordinary person Or should the diet consist

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on the right side could account for the small amount

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aortic uretero subperitoneal artery and a branch arising from the plexus.

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thetic nerve causes erection of hairs in definite circum

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No. 148 we have no explanation for this last figure. Pos

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ical School the Provost of the University of Pennsylvania

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for training the best type of medical men and nurses. Tha

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The leproma may break down the skin and ulcerate disseminating

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was surgeon of the United States flagship Chicago.

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Now if it happen that any be so strongly constituted as to

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Greifawald 1456 tVeiburg im Breisgau 1457 Basel 1460 Budapest 1465

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there were 2 317 inspections excluding schools 533 fumiga

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coming to medical work all was strangely mixed up together. The

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and the great value of the Rontgen.ray. The strepto

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however there may be many convulsions and occasionally de th may

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of the accessory processes grouped together in small clusters. The

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fie remede il taut I oublier. J espere que cette bonne Ibrtnne

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other phases of the situation that seem in need of further work. There

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hygroscopic crystals with very acid reaction is decomposed

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