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of the forceps must necessarily cause sloughing and
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right ovary. In accordance with somewhat numerous researches
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farina gruels and wheat bran or middlings in limited quantity.
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subsequent injections when such prove necessary. The only alarming symptoms
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lungs in a very short time. In patients who responded to
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time for hospital work and a consulting practice a d
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impossible to obtain. That the disease is a common one is
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however laudable is no concern of a Red Cross Society.
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ing one finger. A meeting of the Counsellors of the Massachusetts Medi
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millimetre 30 per cent of hannoglobin and 500 000 white blood corpuscles
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males and 884 females. The sexes of 214 are not recorded.
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caution or censure have been found of much value in bringing
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history Left ear had discharged since childhood it would
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then passed a ligature around the mass and brought the ends of the
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not changed. Therefore for instance when the head is rotated with the
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all spherical lenses the periphery is more refractive than the central part
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wisest not to use the lancet until the skin is seen
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No defect in sanitation was reported during the 3 ear.
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Since 1960 three epidemics involving at least 236 human cases have occurred
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examination. They may however pass the ordinary first university
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Acute Abdominal Diseases. Including Abdominal Injuries
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small part of the education of life and in early Indiana the religious
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state of our knowledge enable us to discriminate between
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from this and as incapable of developement from any other we must
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Berkshires the Best. While at St. Louis I took a good deal of
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literature of his speciality the most important of which

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