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similar. That it is all done with the consent of the

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had taken a good share in the development of the affection. The

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assistance for tuberculous Serbian refugees in France. No exact

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cavity with fundus towards hollow of sacrum and os uteri under

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menced six weeks previous to the termination of the urinous

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dominating and in most cases but few colonies while the pncumococcus strep

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maceutical education was being elevated year by year

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sign although this very vsir jability is regarded bj

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representative and influential one. His Excellency Lord Minto delivered

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in the preparation of the paper. It is an impurity in

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the reputation of the physician seems to depend more upon

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cotton cloth treated with a dilute solution of bro

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forcing upwards of the diaphragm by the diminution in lung

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membranes or skins which include the young ones conceiving

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remains unstained while the jx gt stcrior group appears deeply.stained.

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is subject to the oscillations of sensorial percepti

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minute quantity of sulphuric acid and dried by exposure to the air.

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wounded. French wounded carried on these trains were cared for and taken

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the architect. The nursing arrangements for this hospital

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of the attack he showed well marked signs of tuberculous

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ing animals quick pulse congested mucosge diarrhoea cramps

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Practically all the London hospitals have offered to pro

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and the hard palate becomes almost horizontal with the

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tegmen exposed and examined and found to be normal.

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ings which later become emphysematous and occur in the

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classes of organic foods then follow brief chapters on the various

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Monti s use of creasote in vomiting and diarrhoea had

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