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bie corporall fubllances proceed from incorpo o Phyfick
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been emphasized by many a veteran of the Civil War with whom I
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A female Tiger shot at Jeypore Feb. oth 1876 by His Eoyal Highness
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treatment is free. The method of dealing with the present
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of it. Smith recommends when undigested food is seen in the
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always been assumed that not 10 per cent of definite
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data on which to form that opinion. Unless therefore the strictly
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This aim is partly accomplished by the systematic application
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would naturally be expected the filtered sample 6 a has increased in
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caused sharp pain about sacroiliac also ehootinsr into the
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anything but human seminal fluid. He has not obtained
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appeared. There was no marked change in the telangiectases. The
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It has been regarded as analogous to leukaemia and pernicious anaemia.
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pared it should be dipped in hot sterilized water it will then hold
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masses within the lumen it is difficult or impossible to
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it is necessary to live awhile among the savage races and then to
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age of reason in religion and reason in medicine and though
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measured every three to five minutes throughout the
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signs first of bronchitis and later of consolidation at the apex. Further
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BOTAKiCAL CHARACTERS. Root perennial spindlecl shaped leaves all radical
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every stage not only with regard to nomenclature but also for
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requiring manipulation especially in the case of breech
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cision is required and the lesion heals with little
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fee rf five dollars. Any person in this commonwealth
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distinctly characterized to which the name motor aphasia or Broca s aphasia
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Montreal College in 1847 and had been Dean of Laval for years. Dr.
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plishment. Her family learned for her use the deaf
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the means for practising this.simple yet health a little hot ater
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BOTAKiCAL CHARACTERS. Root perennial spindlecl shaped leaves all radical
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This resolution was passed pursuant to the suggestion
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individual cases the patient will show weakness of the hind
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to be applied in the usual way until the thermometer ranges at about

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